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Pilot Brownfield Register

In 2016, the local authorities in Greater Manchester joined a Government funded pilot to develop a brownfield register. This pilot brownfield register (PBR) aimed to show relevant brownfield land that is either deliverable or developable in each of the local authorities. Each of the local authorities identified relevant sites based on criteria issued by the Government’s department of communities and local government (DCLG).

Sites identified through this process do not have automatic permission in principle, nor is any permission granted other than through current planning procedures and policy.

The provision of this database is designed to support future housing delivery on brownfield land across Greater Manchester. By agreeing to the terms and conditions to the left, you can view the sites alongside a range of other data layers. They are available under the ‘Pilot Brownfield Register’ layers.

Each local authority has a copy of their PBR available on request.

The PBR itself is also provided in spreadsheet formats (CSV & XLSX) for all Greater Manchester.

About the map

The Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure Map is an open map of relevant public and private infrastructure data. The map makes use of existing local, regional and national datasets on a variety of topics - from open public sector and environmental assets to energy utility networks.

In 2014, work completed for the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership’s infrastructure advisory group highlighted how infrastructure was a significant barrier to economic growth. In order to reduce these barriers, the advisory group asked New Economy – Greater Manchester’s local economic development agency – to develop a map of major local physical and social infrastructure. This map would aim to support better decision making in the pre-planning process for developers by identifying relevant local infrastructure, and thereby highlighting the potential costs or benefits of new developments.

New Economy bid to the Cabinet Office’s Release of Data Fund to support the development of an interactive, open data map for Greater Manchester. The map, built by Salford City Council, brings together both public and private sector open data for planners, developers and the public to use. Though the project ended in March 2015, the open data map will remain live and will be regularly updated with additional information.

Though the map updates existing local and national open data, as well as some private sector data, as regularly as possible, we still strongly recommend that any individual or organisation aiming to submit a planning application conducts appropriate and rigorous research to support their application, and that this map is not used on its own. We recommend that you read our terms, conditions and disclaimer before using the map

Suggest further data layers

As part of the continuing process to support new developments of the map, we encourage anyone to suggest or recommend new data layers for the map. Each suggestion will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking account of how open the data is, the difficulty of adding the information to the map, and the strategic fit with an infrastructure focus.

If you would like to suggest a new data layer – specifically if you are the data owner – then please complete the new layer suggestion form.

Take a look at the current metadata page to see what is already on the map, and the type of information we will need before adding any layer to the map.

Contact the team

If you have any queries, comments or updates to make regarding the map, then you can get in touch with our mapping team by email

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